A Special Birthday's coming up tomorrow...

Friday, August 26, 2016

So did I mention that I ran into Fleur late yesterday afternoon? I dunno what was going on with her, but
she seemed like she was in a cranky mood or something. When I greeted her all friendly, happy, and smiling
like I always do, she just kind of looked at me and asked, “How could you?” Then she told me to buzz off.

(I could tell she was in no mood to argue, so I did that.)

Geeeeeeeze. How could I what? I wish she’d bee more specific about this stuff, ya’ know? This is so unlike her.

So did I happen to mention that I got the nicest note from my Editor this morning? He said he was gonna give me “one, last chance” to make my Weekly Feature Thingy for next Thursday “the best ever - or else”. And for change, he doesn’t wanna see me in his Office on Monday morning.

He must bee really pleased with my work, since it’s highly obvious that he thinks the next one will probably bee the Best One Yet! And, I hafta say, his note really offered me a lot of encouraging encouragement, mostly.

It’s nice to have an Editor that encourages you, ya’ know?


Anyway, it’s Friday, which means that it’s almost the weekend, which also means that I hafta get back to work finishing up my Special Weekly Feature Thingy for next week. The very last thing I would ever wanna do is to disappoint my Editor, ya’ know. (I can’t stand having to go to his Office every Monday. I need that to end now.

Also, it’s just been brought to my Attention that tomorrow is Kevin Snark’s (my Illegitimate Nephew’s and Felonie Snark’s Estranged Brother”s) Birthday. (I would have known that earlier, but I still can’t find my Calendar/Organiser. I’m sure it hasta bee around here somewhere.)

So I asked Kevin how old he’s gonna bee tomorrow, and he said, “Do you have a valid reason for asking me that particular question? If so, I just need to say, once again, that you’re the best uncle in the world, Uncle Georgie, and I love you, but unless you have some significantly justifiable need to obtain this rather personal and private Information, I’m afraid I cannot divulge that information.”

Fine. We’ll throw him a Party anyway.

I hope everybody has a massively delightful weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

It's Thursday again!


The ever-mysterious Fleur...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So I hafta say that my famous French Pollen Soup that Great Grandma Gee Gee made last night was a real hit!
Both ButterCup and Fleur had seconds, and, by the time supper was over, everybody felt relaxed and well-fed, probably.

“Zis zoup eez ze bezt Pollen Zoup I have eVER had, Georgie,” Fleur told me.

“You mean the French Pollen Soup,” I wanted to make sure she knew this wasn’t just any Pollen Soup, ya’ know?

“Ouî,” she said, “zat’s what I zaid.”

“No,” I had to correct her, “you said ‘Pollen Soup’. It’s isn’t just Pollen Soup, its FRENCH Pollen Soup.”

She just kinda looked at me like my head had grown another head or something, then she just shrugged that cute, little French Shrug of hers.

I dunno what that was all about. I’m just glad she liked the soup.

After supper, I suggested that maybee she, ButterCup and I could play a short game of Strip Parcheesi, but Fleur said, “Oh, I would love to, but I cannot. It eez ezzential I return to Parie as quickly az it izz possible.” (In case you don’t know French, “possible” means the same thing as “possible”, but it’s just pronounced differently.)

Now, I hafta say that I dunno why she said that. Fleur isn’t planning to go anywhere, at least not for awhile, but she keeps telling everybody she has to leave, even though she is gonna stick around for awhile. I know that, beecause she told me (and she told me not to tell anybody, which I won’t beecause I’m incredibly good at keeping a Secret…you won’t bee getting any of this information out of me, that’s for sure). Also, I know that she’s secretly staying in ButterCup’s Guest Cell in the Hive, so… . I dunno what’s going on with Fleur, but I’m sure she has her reasons, probably. She’s incredibly mysterious sometimes, ya’ know?

So Fleur left to go wherever she was going to do whatever she had to do, and ButterCup and I decided that instead of playing Parcheesi, we’d clean up after the mess Great Grandma Gee Gee had made in the kitchen helping me make the Soup, then we went for a nice stroll in the Near Meadow.

By the time it started getting dark, I was starting to feel a little gassy (probably from the French Pollen Soup), so ButterCup and I said our Nighty Nights, and I went to bed, mostly.

Today, I hafta take my Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra Beret in to bee Dry-Cleaned and Sanforised, whatever that is. Beelieve me when I say that, after what happened during our Performance at the Bee Games Closing Ceremonies, it needs it.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a magnificently calm day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

PS: Remember to check back tomorrow for my next Weekly Feature Thingy! I know my Editor is gonna love this one. Probably.

A short, surprise visit from Fleur de Bee...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey, I forgot to tell all my BeePs about this: Guess who showed up at the Closing Ceremonies of the Bee Games the other night? Give up? Well, I’ll just tell you, then: Fleur de Bee showed up! She didn’t tell anybody she was flying in from Paris for the Festivities, so it was a great surprise to see her.

Beefore I spotted her, the only thing I could see was her red Beret, so I thought maybee we had a member of the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra who hadn’t gotten the memo about wearing the right colour Beret (black, not red), but then I saw that she was standing around, talking to the French Team (who, by the way, won the Aerial Beenastics Competition last week), and that she didn’t have a Kazzzzoo.


I think we saw each other at exactly the same time. When she saw me, she came rushing over with her wings open to give me a big hug and kiss me on both cheeks (she does that, ya’ know).

“Fleur?” I still wasn’t sure it could possibly bee her.

“Ouî!” she said, which means “of course it is” in French.

“Oh mon cheri Georgie!” she said in that cute little French accent she has - you know the one.

“Fleur!” I said. “I’m so glad you’re here! You should’ve told us you were coming so we could have had a nice jug of Chateau d’Chateau chilling for you!”

“You are zo zweeeeet, mon ami, but I can ztay for but un moment.” In case you don’t know French, ‘un moment’ (of course, she said it like the French moment, not the English moment, which is different), means “I had planned to stay longer, but due to circumstances beeyond my control, I’m afraid I’ll hafta leave very soon, beecause my presence is required elsewhere”. It sounds so much more elegant in French, ya’ know? So that was disappointing.

Anyway, I wanted to stick around and try to convince her to visit a little longer, but it was getting to bee time for our Performance at the Closing Ceremonies, and I was still trying to remember where I’d left my Kazzzzoo, so I had to tell her, “Arvwar”, which (in French) means, “I’m sorry, but I hafta go find my Kazzzzoo, but I hope I get to see ya’ later.”

Well, it turns out that she’s still here. She’s staying with ButterCup and, the last I heard, the two of them were gonna go to a Beerobics Class at Bendy Halloway-Over’s “Bee Fit” Health Club. (ButterCup still goes there, but she still refuses to eat the salads.)

So tonight, I invited ButterCup and Fleur to come over to the Boot Box for some of my famously delicious French Pollen Soup. Of course, I’ve never made that beefore, so I’m hoping that Great Grandma Gee Gee can take some time out of her buzzy schedule baking Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies and show me how to do that. She’s an excellent cook, ya’ know. Everybody says so.

I think I’m gonna go ask her if she can do that.

I hope everybody has a surprisingly delightful day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

It's Monday...

Monday, August 22, 2016

It’s Monday!! I just can’t wait to see what this week has in store. Probably.

Of course, once again, I had to start off my otherwise perfectly perfect Monday with another visit to my Editor’s Office. (Can you even beelieve this??)

Georgie wiith his Editor 2

When I got there, I was glad to see that he’d been able to replace the glass in his Office Door. You couldn’t even tell it’d gotten broken.

Anyway, when I walked in, my Editor said, “What is it with you?”

“What??” I said.

“Do you happen to remember our past conversations about Neckties? Would you care to explain what went wrong this week?”

“There was a problem?” I didn’t think there was a problem.

“Thai food, Bee? You feature THAI FOOD?”

“Well yeah,” I told him. “I wanted to bee sure to not mess up last week, so I was highly careful to do a Web Search on ’NECKTIES’, and that was what came up: the National Epicurean Cuisine Keepers of Thai Sophisticates website, along with a link to those really delicious-looking Thai Sticks. I thought you’d bee pleased. After all, I’ve heard Thai Sticks can also help improve circulation.”

I’m not sure if I’d ever seen my Editor cry beefore, so I wasn’t sure if I should’ve asked him if he’d ever tried those things. He never did tell me.

The only thing he said was, “Just get out of my Office.”

So I did that.

Anyway, last night saw the Closing Ceremonies of this year’s Bee Games, in case anybody had forgotten. I should mention that I still have four tickets left over from that, so if anybody wants to buy those from me, let me know.

So last night, the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra was the Featured Act for the Closing Ceremonies of the Bee Games. It was very exciting, and I’m pretty sure that beefore the audience started throwing those soggy Pollen Puffs at us while we were performing our Closing Number (“The Bee from Ipanema”), the whole thing went pretty well.

I’d tell ya’ more about it, but right now, I hafta go try to find my shoes.

I hope everybody has an astoundingly reasonable day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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