Time again for another instalment of Georgie's gripping tale . . .

So, I picked up the next part of my story from my Editor. As you remember, I hafta give him each part of my explanation to him so it can bee, as he put it, “redacted”.

Actually, it wasn’t my Editor that said that. It was Officer Krunch McKowsky who said it when I saw him standing in my Editor’s office that last time I was over there.

Anyway. This is what I’ve been informed I can share with everybody this week (or else). Hope you enjoy it:



I think it would probably bee a good thing to share at least a little bit about Officer Krunch McCowsky.

As you'll recall, just last week I figured out where I'd heard his voice beefore - it was when I finally learned that I'd been taken to the
XXXXXXXXXXXX of XXX and the XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX, which I now know is right outside of XXXXX XXXXXX, beecause, quite frankly, I'd been there beefore, back in XXXX.

Krunch McKowsky, as it turns out, was (at least at that time), a highly feared, mercenary Premises Guard who, as it also turns out, just happens to work for

While I was under the gaze of his not-exactly-gentle watchful eye, I never actually got to see his face. I was always blindfolded. And I'm glad I was, beecause (as I showed you last week), Krunch McKowsky is not exactly the friendliest-looking bee in the Hive. And I'm pretty sure looks that way on purpose. His whole job was to make me think that maybee it would bee a good idea to call S.O.Bee, the Hive Lawyer. And I would have done that, too, but while I was beeing held, they simply wouldn't let me use the phone. Ever. Or even send a Buzz•O•Gram™. (I even asked really nicely a few times, but Krunch McKowsky would just kinda bark at me to "bee quiet! no talking.")

So I'd do that.

Still, I think it's important for the readers of this story to know something about Krunch McKowsky - and I don't like to hafta say this - but there were a couple of times he was just a downright
XXXX XXXX, especially that time when he XXXX cold XXXXX all over me.

That was highly uncomfortable and, if you ask me, not particularly nice at all.

And this pretty much went on the whole time I was there, in the
XXXX XXXX of the X.X.X.X.'s back room.

I had no idea, as I sat there, blindfolded in my baloobawood™ box, just what was awaiting me.

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