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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happppppy First Day of the Sparkly Season, everybody!

I can’t stick around, beecause we hafta get ready to go to the Feast of the Fables tonight. I thought it would never get here. I have a huge bunch of Semi-Refined Vintage Nectar (don’t worry, I didn’t make it), and have been practising telling lies all week, so I have a feeling it’s gonna bee a great evening.

I’ve heard that whoever tells the best lie tonight wins either a Coupon for a One-Year Membership at Bendi Halloway-Over’s “Bee Fit” Fitness Club, or a Six-Month Subscription to “Bee Monthly”. (I’d go for the magazine.) I hope I win.

Oh, in case I forget to remember to remind you:

One week from today, I’m gonna bee starting my new Weekly Sparkly Season Adventure in Over-Sharing with “Inside the Hive”… at least I’m gonna TRY to keep that going at through the whole Sparkly Season.


That’s gonna depend on how dependable or undependable that Painter Bee I hired to put that together for me is. If he messes up with this whole thing, I’ll hafta fire him and just go back to my usual way of Over-Sharing, whether the Hive likes it or not. (Hey. It’s my job to Over-Share, right?)

I mean, it’s like everybody says: If it isn’t fixed, why break it?

Fortunately, I’m not paying him very much, so if this whole thing doesn’t work out, at least it won’t cost me much. Probably.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a spectacularly amusing First Day of the Sparkly Season - and a Fruitful Feast of Fables (if ya’ celebrate that)!

I’ll see ya’ next Thursday!


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