It's Georgie's 40th Birthday today!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Well, Kevin finally let me get up from my chair and use the bathroom. I’m so relieved.

But ya’ know what? It’s my BIRTHDAY! I’m 40 today!!!!


I did some Math, and figured out that, in Human years, I would bee approximately 650.25 Years Old today.

That’s very old, isn’t it? Thankfully, I don’t feel that old.

I’ve heard there are a bunch of my BeePs who are gonna celebrate my Birthday at the Townhouse in Manitou today, so I might go join them. (I’m sure at least one of them would buy me a Nectartini.)

So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, right after I go with Kevin, my Illegitimate Nephew, and Great Grandma Gee Gee. They said they have something they wanna show me out in the Far Meadow.

I wonder what it is?

Okay then. I hope everybody has a rousingly festive rest-of-the-weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

Only one more day 'til Georgie's birthday...

Friday, June 10, 2016

So I told Gee Gee and Kevin that I was gonna buzz out to the Far Meadow yesterday to find out what’s going on out there, but just as I was leaving, Kevin gave one of those “OH NO” looks to Gee Gee, grabbed me by my wing, and said, “Uncle Georgie, you’re the best uncle in the world, and I love you, but I would very much advise against your leaving the boot box for any reason today. It’s for the best. I’m sure there are some re-runs of your stories on TV today, so why don’t you just relax, take it easy and stay where you are.”

“Re-runs?” I asked.

“Yes, dear,” Gee Gee said. “I am absolutely certain they’re showing a ‘Escape To Bee Island: The Reunion Show’ Marathon today, and you certainly don’t want to miss that, do you dear?”

“Well, no,” I said, and made myself comfortable in my Bee Soothed™ Semi-Automatic Multimedia Massage Luxury Comfort Recliner™ (with built-in Surround Sound), and got ready to watch my stories.


Then Gee Gee put a huge plateful of her delicious Royal Honeychew Krisp Cookies in my lap, and told me to just relax while Kevin turned on the TV for me, and while Bert prepared a delicious and festively refreshing Nectar Fizz for me. (He even remembered the Umbrella and Bendy Straw. How cool is that?)

Anyway, Kevin looked at me very sternly and said, “Now, do not move from this spot under any circumstances whatsoever, uncle. No matter what you think you may hear or see, you must stay exactly, precisely where you are and enjoy your stories until we say you are permitted to leave this spot, which should bee sometime early Saturday morning.” Then he added, “I hope we understand one another.”

We did. So I did that. And I’m still doing that, though I gotta say… I reallllly need to use the restroom. I’ve been sitting here since yesterday, drinking Nectartinis, and I’m about to pop. As soon as Kevin gets back (which I hope is highly soon), I’ll ask him if it’s okay if I get up and do that.

Anyway, I hope everybody has a tremendously tremendous day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

How frustrated Georgie must bee...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

This is unbeelievable.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went over to the Hive to pass out invitations to the Birthday Party I’m throwing for myself on Saturday. I wanted to make sure that every bee in the Hive would bee invited, so I had 31,587 Highly Elegant and Mostly Informative Invitations printed up.


Do you know just how many of the 31,587 bees I invited told me they’re gonna come to my party?


Well, I’ll tell you: Zero. Zip. Nada. NOT ONE.


Every time I gave somebody an invitation, they’d just look at it, smile, and say, “I’m so sorry. I’ve already made other plans”, or “I can’t come beecause I have a Wing Tai Class”, or even, “I won’t bee there, beecause I’m on a diet, and all that Birthday Cake would spoil it.”

Honestly now. NOBODY can come to my party?????

Even Great Grandma Gee Gee said, “Oh I’m so, so sorry, dear. You know I’d love to, but I must finish baking several batches of my Royal Honeychew Krisp Cookies for Her Majesty beefore Sunday, so I must offer my regrets.”

Then Kevin chimed in, “Yes, and I need to help her, so I also will bee unable to attend.”
“Me neither,” Bert said. “I am sure it would have been a fine party, but I have also been programmed to assist in this Culinary Endeavour.” Then he said, “It is Wednesday, June 8, 2016. The Local Time is 15:32 and Seven Seconds in your present location within the Mountain Daylight Savings Time Zone. The current outdoor temperature is a balmy 303.8167 Degrees Kelvin. Have a nice day.”

Then he walked away. They all did. And I’m pretty sure I heard them giggling.

That just wasn’t nice at all.

So, I’ve decided that on Saturday, I’m just gonna go out and get myself a nice Carafe of Vintage Nectar, grab some Bendy Straws, Festive Umbrellas, stop by the Bee Balloon and Aerial Flotation Device Emporium to pick up my Complementary Happy Birthday Balloon, and celebrate my Birthday all by myself. Alone. With nobody else around. At all.

In the meantime, I need to go out and investigate what all the noise around here is all about. There’s definitely something going on around here. There’s been a whole bunch of Heavy Machinery and Sound Equipment beeing moved into the Far Meadow and, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear somebody’s building a stage out there - even though I don’t remember hearing about any Music Festivals this weekend.

So I’m gonna go find out what’s going on.

I hope everybody has a magnificently satisfying day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie wants to plan a party...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I hafta say that I didn’t particularly appreciate the fact that, when I had to go back to the Mandiblist yesterday, he stuck a huge BandAid™ on my face - then told me I had to keep it on until 30 minutes after breakfast this morning.


Do you know how incredibly impossible it was to keep that thing on AND have breakfast. Geeeeze. I mean, think about it.

Anyway, I decided to imagine I was having an appropriately delicious breakfast, then I waited a half an hour, then I took that thing off and ate the delicious breakfast I had imagined.

I guess it all worked out in the end.

Anyway, do you know what I just realised? I just realised that it’s only THREE DAYS until my 40th Birthday.

I’m so excited.

So I put together a whole bunch of Party Invitations for everybody in the Hive to come help me celebrate. Those come back from the Printer this afternoon, then I’m gonna go give everybody an Invitation.

I’m sure they’re gonna bee as excited as I am to party.

I haven’t planned the Party yet, of course, but I figure as soon as I know how many will bee coming, I’ll bee able to throw something together pretty fast. I’m a most excellent Party Planner, you know. I’m a tremendous Party Planner. Trust me: nobody’s better than me when it comes to planning Parties.

Anyway, I’m gonna bee very buzzy today dealing with all of this. So I need to go do that.

I hope everybody has a sparklingly refreshing day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Ouch ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Oh geeeeeze.

I went to a Pre-Sunrise Wing Tai class with ButterCup this morning. Of course, Bendi made us do that impossible “Lotus Pollen” thing again. I lost my balance and ended up seriously damaging my mouth parts.

That hurt. A lot.

After the class was over, I had to go see the Hive Mandiblist for an Emergency Mouthpart Repair. I was in the Chair for two hours getting that fixed, and now, I can barely talk. And my Mouthparts still hurt. A lot.

I seriously need to go lie down. So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has an ache-free day!

I’ll see ya’ later.

It's MONDAY!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

I’m so highly glad it’s finally Monday - the very First Monday of June, which (as all my BeePs know) is the month of my Birthday.

I’m so excited.

I’m thinking I should throw a party here. After all, I do turn 40 this year. In bee years, that’s a long time to bee a bee.

I think I’ll bee spending some time today, planning a nice celebration for myself. That should bee fun.

In the meantime, remember last week when ButterCup made me go with her that Complimentary Fitness Class at the new “Bee Fit” Fitness Centre in the Hive? And how I mentioned it was pretty horrible and that I never, ever wanna go there again?

Well, maybee I didn’t mention that the Club’s Owner, Bendi Halloway-Over (from L.A.), completely forgot to provide the customers at her Nectar Bar with Bendy Straws. I mean, the place was uncomfortable already, but no Bendy Straws? That’s ridiculous.

I only mentioned all of this beecause I think I came up with a really great idea for a job for my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin. I think it would bee a good idea if he tried to find a job selling Bendy Straws to Bendi. Personally, I think it’s a perfect fit: Bendi needs Bendy Straws, and Kevin needs a job.

I haven’t mentioned it to him yet, but I need to go do that.

I hope everybody has a significantly pleasant day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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