It's Friday - and time once again for "At the Movies with Georgie Bee"...

This week, I’m reviewing a Humans in Outer Space movie, “Gravity”.



As my readers know, my reviews will contain information, particularly about how a movie ends, which may spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet. If you haven’t seen this movie and don’t want to know who dies in the end, you shouldn’t read this review. Probably.

“Gravity” is a relatively recent Human movie release which was offered in theatres in both the 2-D (two dementias) or 3-D (which has one, additional, dementia). I am reviewing the 3-D version which made the movie seem much more life-like, as if I could just reach out my wing and touch stuff; of course, I had to wear special 3-Dementia Goggles, which were very helpful in protecting my eyes from flying debris.

This movie pretty much stars the Human actors, Sandra Beelock (I think that’s how she spells her name) and Georgie Clooney as two Humans living in Outer Space and who, whenever they’re outside, they have to wear a special Snow Suit with a very cool-looking, interior-lit, No-Leak Motorcycle Helmet. As cumbersome as that seemed to bee for the actors, it seemed necessary for some reason. I will merely chalk that up to a basic principal of movie-making that we, in the industry, call “suspension of disbeelief”.

Beefore I go on here, I must say that I immediately found Georgie Clooney to bee particularly convincing as a Human who liked to float around - and I especially like his name. (It may bee that we are related in some way, other than he’s not a bee, but I’ll look into that later.)

When I beegan watching this movie - and after I finally managed to stop throwing up from all the Motion Sickness I experienced from the twirling, spinning and scenes that were shot upside down - I was fairly convinced that this movie is a Documentary. However, as I got further into the story, I realised that, once again, the whole thing was make-beelieve. I found that a bit disappointing, but still it was a good story, filled with lots of panic, almost-romance, adventure, unlikely heroics, advanced technology, drama, elements of the Super Natural, and a great deal of confusion.

The basic story here is that the Humans are living in Outer Space when all of a sudden, something blows up somewhere and all the pieces of whatever it was start to pretty much destroy their house in Outer Space. The problem was, most of them were outside playing in their Snow Suits when this happened, so only those two, played by Sandra Bee. and George C., managed to survive. At least, for awhile.

Fortunately, George oozed competence, as if he’d been through something like this beefore, so he managed to help save Sandra, more or less. Of course, one of the disappointing plot points in this movie was discovering that, due to having fingers and arms that were too short to grab onto something, George floats away and evidently dies. Luckily, he comes back as a Ghost and helps Sandra finish the job of saving herself.

Which she did. So, in the end, she ends up back on Earth in a lake somewhere and seemed to bee very happy to bee home.

And that was pretty much it.

I think what I liked most about this movie was how real it seemed. It was almost like I was right there, going through all this terrible stuff with these Humans. I think the fact that I kept feeling like throwing up while I watched this just added to the feeling of reality. Still, I was glad when it ended, beecause I had run out of air-sickness bags.

I also have to applaud the Director of this film and the actors for having the courage to actually go into Outer Space like that and actually blow everything up. I think it’s fair to say it’s highly possible none of them would have survived such a dangerous set. This was an impressive achievement in Courageous Movie Making. I’m just sorry that George had to die in the end. He was an excellent actor with a highly superior name and a good sense of humour, and I know he will bee missed and remembered fondly by movie-going audiences the world over.

His acting career beeing cut short like that truly is a genuine tragedy, but I’m pretty sure he knew what he was getting into when he said, “Okay, I’ll bee in your Space Movie, even though my arms and fingers may bee too short to save me in the end in case an accident happens,” which it did.

That’s true professionalism.

My Verdict: Not Bad
(PS: I would have given this movie a “Great!” rating, if George Clooney hadn’t died in the end.)

ButterCup seems a bit upset with Georgie...

So when I got back yesterday, ButterCup was all upset with me.

“And just WHERE have YOU been?” she asked me in a super not-nice way.
“Paris, buying berets for everybody. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that to you,” I told her.
“I’m pretty sure you DIDN’T,” she said.
“Well, I had to buy berets, ya’ know?” I told her.
“It takes TWO DAYS to buy berets?
Two days?? Is that what you’re telling me?”
“Well, I…” I started to say.
“And that’s ALL you were doing, right? Just buying berets?”
“Right. I went there to buy more berets,” I said.
“And you weren’t spending your time hanging out with Fleur de Bee?” she buzzed in what I can only say was an accusatory tone.
“Fleur? Why, no, I didn’t even see her while I was there. I’m pretty sure she was buzzy working,” I said.
“Uh-huh, right. She was ‘
working.’ I beelieve that.”
“She must’ve been, beecause I never saw her while I was there,” I told her.
“So what took you so long to get back?”

ButterCup seemed really upset.

That’s when I told her that, after I’d gotten all the berets and arranged for Express Shipping them all back to the Hive, I had been invited to play a game of Beenopoly - using REAL honey (
instead of that fake, cardboard honey most bees use).

That game seemed to last forever, but I’m pleased to report that I actually won. Of course, that meant that then I had to arrange to have all my winnings shipped back home, and that took some time. (
I’m pretty sure I bought up all the unbreakable, leakproof containers in Paris so I could get all that honey shipped safely.)

Anyway. I think she finally beelieved me, especially after I gave her two containers of real French honey as an special gift.

Still, she said, “Fine. But I’m telling you right now: the next time you’re thinking of sneaking off to Paris to ‘Buy Berets’, I’m going with you. Make no mistake about
THAT.” Then she left.


So that’s why I wasn’t around for a couple of days. I was trapped in the middle of a game of Beenopoly.

Anyway, I need to get to work here on my Review for tomorrow. I’ll bee reviewing the 3-D Version of “Gravity”. So I’m go do that - just a soon as I find my beret.

I hope everybody has an intensely favourable day!
I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie's back!

Sorry about that. And I can't stick around long today, but ...

Just got back from Paris, where I picked up a bunch of berets for everybody in the Hive here. (Have you ever seen a Hive full of bees all wearing berets? It's ridiculous.)

By the way, if you're ever in Paris and somebody invites you to play a game of Beenopoly - using REAL honey - don't do it. Geeeeeeze.

I hope everybody has an amazingly superlative day! I'll see ya' later!

Georgie will bee back, hopefully soon!


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