Georgie has returned - and just in time for Hallowe'en!

Geeeeeeeze. I was beeginning to think that I’d never ever see my boot box again. You wouldn’t beelieve what I’ve just been through.

Just a little while ago, I found myself beeing freed from inside a very dark, damp and highly stuffy Balooba Wood Shipping Crate which was, evidently, shipped to my Editor’s office. My eyes are still getting used to the light.

“And just where have you been, Bee?” he asked me.
“I’m not entirely sure, but I think I can explain,” I told him.
“You’d better bee able to,” he said.

I told him that, as much as I’d like to explain myself, I was still pretty worn out from my ordeal, and asked if maybee it would bee okay if I explained later.
He said, “Fine.” Then told me to get out of his office.

So I did that, and came home.

After word got around that my captors had finally let me go, ButterCup came over to give me a big Welcome Back and Where Have You Been Hug, then told me that everybody’s been so worried about me that I should at least bee nice and let everybody know that I’ve returned safely. So . . .

I’ve returned safely, everybody.
You can stop worrying now.

As I told my Editor, I’d love to explain as much as I can about where I’ve been, but as I said beefore, I’m still very tired from my ordeal. Also, ButterCup was kind enough to inform me that today is Hallowe’en. (I lost track of what day it is, so I’m highly glad I didn’t miss it. I would have been highly upset.) So, I have just enough time to dig out my old ghost costume from a few years ago and take a nap beefore the party starts.

I hope my old costume still fits.


Anyway, if it’s okay with you, I’ll talk to ya’ again on Monday. I’ll bee more rested by then - and I’ll start telling you all about what’s been going on. Or, at least, what I can remember of it.

Until then, then . . .
I hope everybody has a Horrifyingly Festive Hallowe’en!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Another note from ButterCup...

I just wanted everybody to know that the Hive just received this Buzz•O•Gram™ only moments ago.


Apparently, whomever has been keeping our Georgie Bee from us isshipping him back at midnight tonight. I'm just glad George is finally on his way back and very pleased and glad that they gave us the Tracking Number. That helps.
I'm hoping it doesn't take that long for him to finally show up, though. I already know he'll bee furious that he's going to miss Hallowe'en. (We're planning a delightful party, but I know it just won't bee the same without my George. Probably.)

(BTW: I call him George sometimes - but you shouldn't try doing that. He'd probably get mad, though he wouldn't say anything, probably; but whenever I call him 'Georgie', he gets all huffy and says, "George is my Grandpa. I am GEORGIE." I tell him, "Yeah, I know," then he just usually says, "whatever" and he goes back to doing whatever he was doing, whatever that was.)
So, I'll try my best to keep you informed if I hear anything, okay?
bye! - ButterCup

A note from ButterCup . . .

Hello, everybody. This is ButterCup. I just got some important news about Georgie.


Georgie's Editor at the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record...and Online News received this Buzz•O•Gram™ - and "Proof of Life" photo - a short time ago. It is currently in the wings of the Hive Translators, but from what is known so far is that Georgie is alive, but beeing held at some unspecified location by Parties Yet Unknown.


We are still unsure about whether the Proof of Life Photo is authentic, or if it has been Photoshopped, but Hive Proof of Life Photo Analysts are trying to make that determination now.

Please stay tuned for further developments.

Under NO circumstances will your data be in any way published or shared with any outside entity or third party. Thanks!