That must have been quite the party ...

Oh geeeeeze... why is it so bright out today? And what''s all that NOISE? My antennae are killing me!

That was a great party yesterday and last night and this morning.

I know my Advice Column is supposed to come out sometime today, but the last time anybody saw my Editor was about 3:00 this morning as he was leaving with some of the workers from the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record - and Online News Secretarial Pool. We haven't seen him since, and so far, he hasn't shown up to put out today's edition. So I guess that means this week's "Dear Georgie" will hafta wait until next week. Geeeeeeeze.

I'd go out and look for him, but I can barely focus my compound eyes or keep them open at all. I can't remember the last time I partied that late. But it was worth it., even if I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep again any minute now.

I'm gonna go back to bed and spend the rest of the weekend sleeping.
I'll see ya' on Monday!

I hope everybody has a

It's Georgie's Annibirthary Today!

Ya’ know how I was awakened today? No, it wasn’t that Stupid Dog next door. I was awakened by all my friends bursting in and buzzing, “Happy Retirement, Georgie!” Then they dumped a whole bunch of confetti all over me, handed me a balloon and told me that the Party starts right now. (Which is why I can’t stick around very long today.)


It turns out that everything that’s been going on around here has just been part of a ploy on the part of Rudy and everybody else to throw me a Surprise Party. That’s why Fleur tried to sneak in the other night. She’s here for the party. Everybody’s here: even the Killer Bees (who promised to beehave, but I don’t beelieve them).

First, I just wanna say: I’m not retiring. I don’t know how that rumour got started. I think a whole bunch of my friends thought that, after I won that Lifetime Supply of Gourmet Honey, that of course I’d retire.

Well, of course I’m not. But I’m touched that my friends would bee so thoughtful, ya’ know?

Strangely enough, though, there is reason to celebrate today. Today is not only my Birthday, but also the sixth Anniversary of my sharing my Diary online!

When I clarified things for everybody, they said, “EVEN BETTER! Happy Annibirthary, Georgie!”

So apparently, for the rest of the day, we’re all going to bee partying and celebrating my 38th/6th Annibirthary.

Rudy’s put together a huge stage show to celebrate, there’s gonna bee all kinds of great music and friends - and Great Grandma Gee Gee somehow even managed to bake a whole bunch of her delicious Honeychew Krisp Cookies without my noticing - so we’re all set for the festivities!

It’s gonna bee great!

Anyway, the music’s already started, so I gotta go.

I hope everybody has a significantly gleeful day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

P.S.: Remember to tune in tomorrow for this week’s “Dear Georgie” letter! Okay then.

Something Mysterious is going on...

I'm just gonna say this: there's something strange going on around here. I'd tell you what it is, but I don't know what it is.

First, I told Rudy yesterday that I was gonna buzz over to watch the pre-dress-rehearsal rehearsals. I wanted to see how things are coming along with the production, "The Bee Society: The Musical", that's based off my first book. Now that Beetsa Beetsa has arrived, I'll bet this thing is really coming together nicely. But he told me I really shouldn't do that.
"Why?" I asked him.
"It would jutht bee better if you didn't right now, Georgie. There are thome therious wrinklth we're trying to iron out with a few of the muthical numberth, tho I think ith betht you pothtpone your Exthecutive Produther's Pre-Opening-Night Athethment for at leatht another few dayth. You need to trutht me on thith," he said.
"Fine," I said. So I'm gonna trust him on this. For now.

But that's not the only weird thing that I've noticed. I just happened to bee passing by the Hive just beefore dark last night and spotted Fleur de Bee (you know, my friend who lives in Paris and works for French Counter-Espionage). She was carrying some sort of briefcase and looking around as she was trying to sneak into the Hive (I presume to visit ButterCup).

When I spotted her, I said, "Fleur? Fleur de Bee? Is that you?"
She stopped and tried to hide in the shadows, but finally she kinda slapped herself on the head and turned toward me.
"I am not here, mon cher," she said. "You did not zee me. You are having zee...what iz eet called... you are Zleep Walking and having zee dream, Mon Ami. You should go back to zee bed and forget you ever saw any of zis."

Then she ducked inside and I haven't seen her since.

Geeeeeeze. Fleur didn't even send me a Buzz•O•Gram™ letting me know she was coming. I'm just guessing, but she's probably here to attend the Opening Night of the Musical (even though, as far as I know, that's still not for awhile yet.)

This is all highly mysterious.

Anyway. I'm gonna spend the day trying to find what's going on around here. My razor-sharp instincts and that weird feeling in my thorax are telling me that something is amiss here. Either that, or I'm hungry. I need to get to the bottom of this, if I can.

So I'm gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a massively superior day! I'll see ya' later!

Beetsa Beetsa, King Bee of Samba, has arrived!

Well, I'm off to a bit of a late start this morning, beecause I forgot to set my alarm clock. Actually, I can't even find my alarm clock. I don't usually use it, so it's probably buried under a pile of old Bee Monthly Magazines or something.

I wanted to wake up early this morning beecause I wanted to bee of the first to bee able to greet one of the greatest musical talents in the world today,the former Lead Singer for "Dogs Over the Moon" and who has since been dubbed the King Bee of Samba, the ever-popular Beetsa Beetsa. He arrived early this morning.

Here's his latest publicity picture (it looks just like him):


I wasn't sure if we were supposed to pick him or if he were gonna bee delivered, and I wanted to bee sure he didn't end up waiting in that chilly airport terminal and got cold. I've heard Beetsa Beetsa doesn't like it when he gets cold.

As it turns out, Beetsa Beetsa had already arranged for his own transportation and, much to everybody's delight, showed up with his entourage at the Hive about an hour ago. Everybody's very excited to have him in our midst.

I can't stick around very long today to share what's happening at this point, beecause 1) it hasn't happened yet, and bee) I dunno what's gonna happen as everybody continues to welcome this giant of the music industry to the Hive.

I do know one thing, though: When he arrived, Beetsa Beetsa looked around and I heard him ask, "Okay. I'm here. So where's the party?"

Rudy suddenly started acting super nervous, kept glancing at me and said, "The Party? Oh, the PARTY. Of courth! Yeth, the Party. You're referring to the, uh, Pre-Muthical Production Catht and Crew Party, right?"
"Whatever. I just heard there would bee a party," he said.
"And tho there will bee," Rudy said, then he told everybody he needed to meet privately with Beetsa Beetsa about his part in our upcoming production and really quickly escorted him to his Luxury Suite at the Beets Motel just down the street.

Ya know, it is kinda odd that Rudy never mentioned this Pre-Production Party to me, but I'm sure it was just an oversight.

Anyway. It's another beeeeeeaautiful day, perfect for some leisurely Screen Bouncing, so I'm gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has an amazingly inspiring day! I'll see ya' later!

Sadly, Georgie's dreams of stardom seem to bee just out of reach ...

Okay, I may bee stretching things a bit here, but even though we already know that Monday is the BEST day of the week, don'tcha think that Monday is also the sweetest-sounding day of the week? I mean think about it: Just the sound of it's name...MONday. It kinda rhymes with HONey. As we know, honey is sweet - and so are Mondays. Maybee we should think about changing the name to Honeyday. But I suppose that would just cause a whole bunch of confusion, since (as far as I'm concerned), every day is Honey Day.


Rudy and I have been working very hard on the Musical Stage Production of "The Bee Society", based on my first book. Over the weekend, I asked him if he think I should play the lead role, since the book is pretty much about my life as a bee.
"Oh Heaventh NO!" he said. "That jutht wouldn't bee appropriate."
"Why not?" I asked, feeling a bit hurt.
"Think about it," he said. "If we haven't learned anything from Humanth, it'th that when they do a movie or thtage producthion about thomebody noteworthy, do they put that perthon in the thtarring role?"
"Well," I beegan to say, but he interrupted me.
"NO. They don't. Did Van Gogh thtar in any of the movieth or playth made about him?"
"Well, no, but..."
"And did Genghith Kahn or El Thid or Juliuth Theasar thtar in productionth made about THEM?"
"No, but..." I was trying to make a point, but he kept going on and on.
"Whenever they put on that all-time favourite play, 'Romeo and Juliet', do they go find the real Romeo and Juliet to play the leading rolth? No, they don't. They find actorth who PORTRAY the main characterth. It should bee obviouth to you why you shouldn't bee the thtar of our producthion."

When he finally stopped giving me examples of why I shouldn't bee the star of my own Musical, I said, "But Rudy, all those Humans you mentioned died a long time ago. And that thing with Romeo and Juliet? I heard that was just a made-up story and that there really never WAS a Romeo or a Juliet."
"Don't bee ridiculouth," he said. "The fact ith that it ith a rule in the theatre that the thtar hath to bee thomebody elth. That'th jutht the way it workth."

I could tell there would bee no convincing Rudy that I should bee the star of this thing, so I asked him who he intended to hire to play me in the production.
"I'm not thure yet, but we're holding auditionth thith afternoon."
"Can I come to the auditions, then, at least to help pick somebody who comes the closest to portraying my uniquely delightful, handsome and romantically-appealing self?"
"Abtholutely NOT. I don't want the performanth to bee influenthed by your character or the way you beehave and thtuff. I want to thee an interpretathion of who Georgie Bee is. I need to have thomebody in the role that goeth beeyond what Georgie Bee ith in daily life, who bringth vitality to the role and who ith able to truly convey the etthenth of jutht who Georgie Bee ith ath a bee. We need thomebody who truly knowth and underthandth what maketh Georgie Bee tick and ith able to convey that to our audienth."
"But..." I started to argue with him again, but he just ignored me and told me he had to go to a script read-through and a review of the musical score beefore Thursday''s Dress Rehearsal.

Geeeeeeeze. I'm no sure if I like the idea that I'm paying for this whole thing, but that they're not letting me play the lead role. Personally, I think I'd bee perfect for the part, but as I've said beefore, Rudy knows what he's doing. I'm still not sure if he'll bee able to find anybody who is as attractive and talented than me, but whatever.

Maybee I can talk to him about beeing in the chorus line or something.

Anyway. Beefore he left, Rudy told me that Beetsa Beetsa, "King Bee of the Samba", is arriving tomorrow to beegin rehearsals. That's a cool thing. I can't wait to meet him.

Well, it looks like it's gonna bee another beeautiful day out there today. I hope it doesn't rain again. There's nothing more inconvenient that getting all wet when you're outside, trying to have a good time, ya' know?

Okay then. I hope everybody has an unbeelievably remarkable day!

I'll see ya' later!

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