Georgie needs a vacation ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

So I went to S.O.Bee, the Hive Lawyer’s, Office yesterday to request a refund for the Retainer I paid him to defend me in Royal Court. I’m anxious to get half of everything I have back again. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in, but his Private Confidential Secretary, Violet LeBlanc, was.

She told me to fill out and sign a whole bunch of complicated forms, then she told me that she would submit my Claim for a Full Refund of his Retainer to the Firm’s Reimbursement Review Board, and with six to nine months, I should bee hearing their decision.

“The Board,” she said, “has been known to grant a Refund Request, on rare occasion and under strict, pre-approval Guidelines, so,” she said, “I suppose it might bee possible you’ll receive a refund. I’ve never seen that happen, but I guess there’s always a first time.”


I left, buzzing to myself how unfair it is that I might hafta hire a lawyer to sue my lawyer. The whole thing just isn’t right.

By the time I got home, I just felt mad and tired and kinda just wanted to enjoy a nice Pollen Casserole, watch my Stories on TV, and go to bed.

Unfortunately, when I got there, I was surprised to see ButterCup standing outside the Boot Box with Kevin.

“We’ve been talking,” she said as I approached them.
“About what?” I said.
“Well, I saw you earlier today, and I just couldn’t help but notice, Georgie, that you’re looking totally burned out. You look pale. I think you need a nice, four-day Vacation,” she said.
“I do?” I asked.


“Yes, you do. You have bags under your eyes, you look like you’re half asleep and, quite frankly, you look pale,” she said.
“I do?” I asked.
“Yes, and I have just the thing. You and I are going to go on a nice, leisurely Four Day Ride on a Bicycle for Two that I just happened to find in an old Bees ‘R Us Catalogue. I’ve already packed everything we’ll need, so right now, today, you and I are taking a short trip together. It’ll bee great,”
she said.
“It will?” I asked.
“Yes. So, let’s go. Now.”
“But…” I started to say, then I felt my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, pushing against my back, toward ButterCup and the Bicycle for Two.
“Go, Uncle. You’re the best uncle in the world, and I love you, but you we seriously need you to get the heck out of here for awhile and relax already. You’ve had a rough week, er, month…er… anyway….GO! We don’t want you here anymore! We don’t like you anymore! GO AWAY!”

I knew that Kevin was just reciting some lines from an old movie we watched the other night (“Go Away, We Don’t Like You Anymore: The Revenge”, starring Talula BeeHead as the Evil Mrs. Ratchet and Ernest Beenign as Marty, and which I recommend highly).

But as we all know, Kevin’s a horrible actor and, like most ButterFlies, he’s also a horrible liar. He’s still young and I could see that he’s evidently still grappling with some Emotional Baggage left over from when he first got here. I pretty sure we all remember that, right?

“I get it, Kevin. I need a vacation,” I said. “Fine. I’ll go.”

When I asked ButterCup if we were gonna hafta ride up a bunch of hills and stuff, she said, “Of course! But then we’ll get to go down them later!”

Oh geeeeeeze. The idea of all that exercise really doesn’t appeal to me, but whatever. I just hope ButterCup packed enough Pollen Puffs and Conveniently-Packages Nectar Sippies (with Bendy Straws) for the trip. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s running out of Pollen Puffs and Nectar Sippies on a long trip, ya’ know what I mean?

Anyway. I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has an inexcusably delightful day - and weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

Georgie wants a refund...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

So the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future are saying that, starting today, it’s gonna actually start feeling like it’s really the Warm Season. Of course, they never apologised for all that ice and snow and cold stuff we had, but then, they never do.

I suppose that now that it’s finally getting warm, they’ll want a raise or something.

Since it’s gonna bee such a beeautiful day out, I’m gonna walk over to the Hive and pay a visit to S.O.Bee, the Hive Lawyer. I think he should give me a refund on that Retainer I gave him. Since my Case was Dismissed, I want him to give back half of everything I own that he made me give him. Fair’s fair, right?

I hope everybody has a festively astounding day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Georgie has a question for his BeePs (his Human Friends)...

Monday, May 2, 2016

I gotta say that I wish somebody would have made me wake up earlier today, since this Monday - and I don’t wanna miss a minute of it. The only good thing is that, this month, we get to have FIVE Mondays (one a week). How cool is that?

So, I think somebody’s made a terrible mistake here. I was totally certain that the Warm Season had beegun. Then I went outside a day or so and what did I see all over the place? Snow, that’s what I saw. And was it warm enough for the Snow to melt, like it usually does during the Warm Season? No. That’s completely unacceptable. I shouldn’t hafta bee wearing Antennae Cozys to go out and check the mail, ya’ know?

I just need to ask my BeePs (my Human Friends): Do the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future beelieve that we’re gonna have TWO Cold Seasons this year or what???


Anyway, I’m gonna spend the day trying to stay warm. I hope my Stories are on TV, otherwise, I may bee forced to take a nap.

Okay then. I hope everybody has an exquisitely soothing day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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