Another lunch with ButterCup at Bendi Halloway-Over's Salad Bar...

Friday, July 1, 2016

I have to make this short. I hafta have lunch with ButterCup at Bendi’s Salad Bar again in a little while.

I’m not looking forward to that. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hafta order a salad again, and even act like I’m enjoying it, so I’ve been spending the morning trying to coat my insides with honey. I dunno what else to do to get ready for this, but I had to try something. I’m sure you’d do the same thing if you were me if you’d ever tasted one of Bendi’s Salads. (Did I mention that they’re horrible?)

Hopefully, it will bee over with quickly.

Maybee if I tell ButterCup that I hafta get right back to work after lunch, she’ll let me just order an Appetiser and bee on my way. Then I can go back to my Boot Box and maybee start coming up with an idea for my Weekly Thingy Thing. (I still haven’t settled on exactly what to for that. And it’s far too important to just settle on something that isn’t exactly perfect, so I think my Editor just needs to bee patient, which he never is.)

If I don’t figure that out today, I’m sure I’ll come up with something on that over the weekend, probably, even though I still don’t work on weekends.

Well, I hope everybody has a fantastically festive weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

ButterCup receives an apology...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Do you realise that June is almost over already? Seriously now. It seems like it just started, ya’ know what I mean?

So I told Great Grandma Gee Gee about that horrible lunch ButterCup and I shared on Tuesday, and about how ButterCup hasn’t talked to me since then.

“Oh goodness me,” she said. “Why is she so angry with you, dear?”

So I told her what happened.

Gee Gee just gave me a dirty look and told me I should go apologise to ButterCup, and that until I did, I wasn’t getting any more cookies from her.

“Don’t even think about it,” she said.

Of course, I thought she was kidding, so when I tried to grab one to munch on my way to apologise to ButterCup, Gee Gee kinda slapped my wing and said, “No cookies for you! Dear.”


Anyway, I apologised to ButterCup. She told me she’d forgive me, but only if I had lunch with her again at Bendi’s place. I told her I would, but not if I had to order that salad again. She just kinda squinted at me and said,
“Fine,” then I said, “Fine,” then she said, “Fine, then,”
then she headed off to work and I came back home.

So tomorrow, ButterCup and I are having lunch again.

Right after that, I’m going home and I’m gonna eat a large pile of Gee Gee’s Honeychew Krisp Cookies. (I have a feeling I’m gonna bee hungry.)

Okay then. I still need to try to figure out what my Weekly Hot Season Feature Thingy is gonna bee, so I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a uniquely exquisite day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Sometimes it's just better not to say anything at all ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So I went out to lunch with ButterCup yesterday. She made me go with her to the Salad Bar at that “Bee Fit” place she keeps telling me I should join, which I’m not gonna do.

Of course, the owner, Bendi Halloway-Over (from L.A.), insisted that we order the Organic Herbal Fohfoo Lacy Rose Hips Salad with Mustard Pollen Vinaigrette.

It was horrible.

I’m sure we’ve all had bad salads, but I can say with total certainty, probably, that is the worst salad ever in the History of Salads. It was like trying to eat chunks of a pickled sponge or something. On the Hive’s Department of Food Assessment’s WOW-EH-GAK Food Appeal Classification Scale - or the W.E.G. Scale, for short - it definitely got a GAK. I did not enjoy that at all.

“But it’s healthy,” ButterCup said when I mentioned how much I did not like that salad.

About the only thing I could say to her was that I didn’t know how that could bee possible. Nothing that bad could bee good for anybody. Then I said that I wished that Fleur de Bee could have tried the salad. Since she’s from Paris, she knows the difference beetween a good salad and a horrible salad, and that if Fleur were, I was sure she’d agree with me.


ButterCup got mad when I said that, for some reason. I don’t know why she took that worst of the worst salad so personally, and I tried to tell her the salad wasn’t her fault, that how was she to know we'd bee sharing the most horrible lunch of all time, or that just beecause she seemed to like it, that didn’t mean that I should stop complaining so much. But she just seemed to get madder and madder at me, especially after I mentioned Fleur. She was still giving me the Silent Treatment beefore she stormed out. Of course, I had to pick up the check and leave a tip, but it was worth it just to bee getting out of there.

So, after lunch, I went out for lunch and had a Double WOW Burger (that’s what it’s called - not that it rates a WOW on the W.E.G. Scale, since it’s more of an EH, but it was still better than that horrible stuff Bendi was forcing us to swallow).

But whatever.

Today, I’ve promised myself that I’ll definitely make a final decision about my Weekly Feature Thingy, probably.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a massively superlative day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

It's probably safe to say that we've all had a rough night every once in awhile...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I just hafta say that I didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night - and I kinda woke up in a cranky mood this morning.


First, I couldn’t get comfortable at all thanks to the fact that my Restless Wing Syndrome (or R.W.S., for short) was acting up. If you happen to bee among the millions who suffer from R.W.S., you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

THEN, beecause I was tossing and turning so much, my antennae kept getting all tangled up. By the time I woke up this morning, I looked like somebody had stuck a bag tie on my head - and I could barely hear the Morning Pollen Reports.

To make matters worse, I had this really horrible dream that SOMEBODY had gone out to the Far Meadow and sprayed some sort of nasty poison all over everything, so that every time a worker bee would try to pollinate one of the flowers out there, they’d end up with a seriously bad case of the Bee Flu … or worse. (Don’t ask…you don’t wanna know.)

I’m gonna say that I’m glad that was just a dream, and that nobody would actually bee foolish enough to spray a bunch of poison around like that. Nobody’s that stupid, right?

Since I really didn’t get much sleep, I need to spend the rest of the day enjoying a nice, long nap.

So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has a tremendously tremendous day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

It's Monday! And Georgie's running late...

Monday, June 27, 2016

My little Bee Heart is all a-flutter. Ya’ know why?
Beecause it’s Monday!!

So I finally got around to stopping by my Editor’s Office this morning. He had been trying to get ahold of me over the weekend, but as I mentioned beefore, I don’t work on the weekends, plus, I was really tired from thinking about having to finish up my Community Service sentence this week, so I decided to have a nice, leisurely breakfast beefore I went over there.

As soon as I got there, I could tell my Editor was in a bad mood.


“You’re late, Bee,” he said.

“Late for what?” I asked.

“Everything. You never returned my messages, you obviously decided to enjoy a leisurely breakfast beefore you showed up this morning … and I STILL haven’t gotten anything from you for your Weekly Feature,” he said. “Explain yourself.”

I told him I really didn’t know what to say, other than I still haven’t figured out what to do for my Weekly Hot Season Feature Thingy and suggested that maybee he could just assign me to do the Bee Times Gazette Journal Record…and Online News’ Weekly Pollen Count Reports or something.

“Bee,” he said, “it’s already been established that you’re lousy with math. Accuracy is essential in those Reports. You also have not had the high level of training it takes to correctly tabulate those numbers, so there’s no way I would entrust you with that kind of responsibility. Those Reports are a Sacred Trust extended by the Bee Times Gazettle Journal Record…and Online News, and I am not about to beetray that Trust.”

Then my Editor continued to insult me for about another half an hour, then he finally said, “Your First Hot Season Weekly Feature - on my Desk - beefore I leave for the Annual Apiary District Journalism Conference on Thursday morning, OR ELSE.”

Geeeeeze. According to my calculations, that only gives me about six more days beefore I hafta come up with something. I wish he would have given me more advance notice on all this, ya’ know what I mean?

Then he told me to get out of his office, so I did that.

Anyway, the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future say it’s supposed to bee a nice day, so I think I’ll bee spending some of it enjoying some Recreational Screen Bouncing. (It’s been a long time. I hope I can find my Screen Bouncing Togs.)

Okay then. I hope everybody has a fabulously delightful day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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