Wow! Georgie won another award!

Well, beefore I get to work here, I just wanted to tell everybody that that Humans Who Like To Give Out Awards just gave me another one. How cool is that? Evidently, the Stuffed Collectible Me just won the 2016 PPAI "Silver Pyramid Award". I'm very honoured and thanks go to my Human friend, Bettse, for entering me in that contest. (She's really nice, in case you've never met her.)

I wonder if the pyramid thingy is real silver. Or if it's heavy.

Anyway. I need to get to go find my beret, a bendy straw and an umbrella so I can fix myself a deliciously inspiring beverage and get back to work on my story.

I hope everybody has a massively tremendous weekend!

I'll see ya' on Monday!


An uprising in the Hive??

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well, I finally know what all the buzzing was about that I heard coming from the Hive the other day: it’s the sound of everybody complaining.

A couple of nights ago, I snuck out with my At The Ready™ Long-Scan Dual-Focus Daytime Binoculars with the LunaScanner Infrared Light Amplifier™ Module and was surprised at what I saw.

Usually, at that time of night, everybody in the Hive is all snuggled in and asleep. Not anymore.
I don't know what the workers I saw were doing, but they were carrying a whole bunch of boxes and stuff into the Hive - and that was around Midnight. As far as I know, they were still at it by the time it got light out.


As it turns out, Queen Bee has everybody working on 24-hour, rotating shifts. The Hive isn’t even slightly happy about any of this.

Yesterday, I got a chance to visit with BigFoot, who told me that ever since Queen Bee issued her Decrees, the Swarm hasn’t been particularly happy.

“About the only ones who support the Queen on any of this are those who live and work in the Royal Chamber - or who have lucrative contracts and are getting rich off the Old Girl … and don’t tell anybody I called her that,” he said.
“Not to worry. I won’t,” I told him. (If anybody knows how much fun it isn’t to bee charged with Impudence knows that I’d bee the last one to turn somebody in for calling the Old Girl the Old Girl.)

“In the meantime,” he said, “everybody’s working double or tripled shifts, everything has gotten so expensive beecause of Mandated Price Increases, so - and this is just beetween you and me - it sounds as if there may bee an uprising if things don’t change and fast.”
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Seriously,” BigFoot told me. “And let me tell you right now, I think our Queen better start watching her back.”

I started wondering how Queen Bee would bee able to do that. I’m thinking she’ll need to use mirrors. Probably.


It’s gonna bee interesting to see what happens with all of this. It’s been a long time since there’s been a revolt in the Hive, so I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I hope everybody has a vastly superior day - and weekend! I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

It's Wednesday - and Georgie's riveting story continues...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In case you’re curious, I managed to sneak out late last night with my binoculars after everybody here was asleep and catch a glimpse of what was going at the Hive.

Unfortunately, you’ll hafta wait until tomorrow beefore I can share that with you. Right now - and beecause it’s Wednesday - it’s time for the next part of riveting true-story account of . . .



Beefore I managed to say anything, I heard footsteps approaching the room and heard door beehind me squeak open, then slam shut.

"Has he talked?" I heard the voice of an unknown drone speak.
"He has continued only to say that his name is Georgie Bee," Jasmine told our Mystery Visitor.
"So, he persists in clinging to his fictitious identity," said the voice.
"So it seems," Jasmine told him. "He continues to protest that he is thirsty, that his mouthparts are too dry to speak. I know it is but a ruse."
"Actually," the voice said, "that is one thing about which he may bee speaking the truth. He has been held for a great while without food or nectar."
"But Farouk," Jasmine beegan to say.

"Where have I heard that name beefore?" I asked myself, My curiosity beegan to get the better of me and I tried to turn in my chair to glimpse my yet-unseen interrogator. At that moment, I felt a strong pair of wings grasping me, holding me in place.
"DO NOT TURN AROUND!" I was told by Farouk. "You will keep your eyes forward and you will not move!"

So I did that.

"We will give this bee the drink he has requested," Farouk said (much to my delight), "then perhaps then he will beegin to talk. GUARDS!" he shouted.

I felt incredibly relieved. I was finally going to get to have a sip of something. I waited in eager anticipation of enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage - perhaps, I thought, they would bring me a soothing Nectartini. I definitely could have used a Nectarini, stirred, not shaken.

I heard the footsteps of the Guard Bees Farouk had called enter the room and stretched out my wing to receive the much-needed refreshment. Instead, the Guard Bees grabbed both of my wings, threw some sort of wing towel over my face and tipped me backwards in my chair. I found the whole experience to bee very disorienting.

"Whaggth gochn on?" I tried to ask what was going on. I couldn't see with that towel over my face, and it was getting a bit difficult to breathe.

(to bee continued)

. . .

Okay then.

I hope everybody has a tremendously tantalising day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Here's hoping Georgie's curiosity doesn't get the better of him...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So, my Illegitimate Nephew, Kevin, and I went out to build a Snowbee yesterday. I helped him lift the middle part and head into place, (those parts turned out to bee extremely heavy) then he started putting the rest of the thing together while I watched.

As I was standing there, I kept hearing this very annoying, low buzzing noise. I thought maybee it was just the sound of that Human neighbour lady making toast in her microwave again (or whatever that sound is), but the closer I listened, the more I could tell it was coming from the direction of the Hive.

I told Kevin I was getting cold and needed to go inside to warm up. So I did that. But I also wanted to go in and grab my At The Ready™ Long-Scan Dual-Focus Daytime Binoculars with the LunaScanner Infrared Light Amplifier™ Module and see if I could see what might bee going on over there.

I stood just inside the boot box’s Emergency Side Door and started scanning the Hive for any sign of activity. Unfortunately, since it was cold out, everybody was inside the Hive, so I couldn’t see much. Still that low buzzing sound kept going.

I was trying to listen to what everybody was buzzing about when Kevin interrupted me.
“What are you doing, uncle?” he asked me.
“Trying to see what’s going on in the Hive,” I told him.


Immediately, Kevin stopped what he was doing on the Snowbee and started to come over to me, lifting his wing in front of my binoculars and trying to block my view.

“Uncle Georgie,” he said, “you’re the best uncle in the world, and I love you, but I think it would beehoove you to know that peeping is not polite.”
“Geeeeze, Kevin,” I started to tell him, “I was just…”
“And I beelieve I’m correct when I say that it’s against the law. You could bee arrested, uncle,” he interrupted me.
“Yes, but,” I tried to explain myself.
“It’s called ‘Invasion of Privacy’ and ’Stalking”, uncle,” he kept at me. "I would appreciate it very much if, beefore you attract the attention of the Authorities, you return your binoculars to their proper storage place, then come back out here and help me finish this Snowbee. It won’t finish itself, you know.”

So I did that.

I still need to find out what’s really going on in the Hive, so tonight, after it’s dark and Kevin and everybody else is asleep, I’m gonna come back out and see what I can see.
(I’m glad I have the Infrared Light Amplifier attachment, ya’ know?)

Okay then. I hope everybody has an exquisitely festive day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

ButterCup tells Georgie a bit about the dissatisfaction brewing in the Hive...

Monday, January 11, 2016

There’s an old saying in the Hive that goes:

“Roses are violet, Violets are blue,
I’m so glad it’s Monday, how about you?"

Okay. It’s not an old saying. I just made that up just now, but I think we’ll all agree that we’re glad it’s finally Monday, right?

The last time I visited with you, I think I mentioned that there was something brewing in the Hive - and it wasn’t Honeyshine (that’s illegal, in case you didn’t know it).

Here’s what I know so far:

Apparently, Queen Bee has started issuing all kinds of Royal Decrees that haven’t been sitting well with the rest of the Hive. ButterCup was visiting last Friday afternoon and was telling me a little bit about what’s going on over there.
“Do you know what She did?” she asked me.
“No, what?”
“First, as you’ll remember from her State of the Hive Speech a few weeks ago, she raising everybody’s taxes and fees,” she complained angrily.
“Right. I remember that,” I said, feeling glad I am a non-resident, so I don’t hafta worry about that stuff.
“Well, get this: Friday morning, she announced that she felt her Royal Chambers are not roomy enough, so she issued a Decree mandating that all of us workers had to spend our weekend putting on an addition and doing a complete remodel of her space. Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

I thought about it for a minute or two, then said, “No.”

“Neither had I, until Friday,” she buzzed disgustedly.
“So, did you guys finish the addition?” I asked.
“Almost,” ButterCup said with a heavy sigh. “We just have to put a few, finishing touches on a new Walk-In Closet she insisted we build, then she’s supposedly bringing in a team of Carpenter Bees to install the fixtures for a the new Track Lightning Bug Chandeliers she evidently ordered for herself. Do you have any idea how expensive those things are? Or how often the Glow Filaments need to bee replaced? Do you?”
“No,” I told her, since I’ve never been able to afford those.
“Well, let me tell you: they’re not cheap.”

“Geeeeeze,” was about the only thing I could think to say.

ButterCup went on to tell me about all the Hive Improvements Queen Bee had ordered for herself by Royal Decree, then told me, “But from what I’ve heard, that’s not the half of it.”

Beefore she could tell me what the other half was, Bert walked in and said, “It is Friday, January 9, 2016. The exact time is 2:13 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. The current outdoor temperature is a balmy 271.2611 Kelvin. Have a nice day.” Then he left.

“My break is over, so I need to get back to work,” ButterCup told me, sounding tired. “I’ll talk to you as soon as I can get away again.” Then she left.

I hafta say: this doesn’t sound good, but there’s really nothing I can do about any of it, so … This afternoon, I told Kevin I’d go outside with him and help him build a Snowbee.

So I’m gonna go do that, right after I finish doing this.

I hope everybody has a miraculously marvellous Monday!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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