A buzzy day, then Georgie plans a restful weekend...

Friday, October 14, 2016

I just heard that the Bee Kazzzzoo Band & Orchestra has a Rehearsal scheduled for this evening.

Oh geeeeeeze. I’m not sure if I remember where I put my Kazzzzoo and that Sheet Music. I need to go look for that.

As I understand it, we have been invited to perform in the Opening Ceremonies of the Inter-Hive Coffin Races this year, so we only have about 15 days, 3 hours, 32 minutes and 15 seconds to get ready for that, at least, that’s what Bert told me.

I also heard that another Creative Difference has erupted beetween Ultra Violet and Violet LeBlanc (my lawyer, S.O.Bee’s Confidential Private Secretary). They’re arguing over what song we should perform. Personally, I think “The Bee from Ipanema” is our best number, but Ultra Violet wants us to do “Let It Bee”, and Violet leBlanc wants us to do “Flight of the Bumblebee”. Everybody’s already taking sides on this whole Controversy, so in a way, I’m really not looking forward to tonight. At all.

Beesides, I’m already tired from everything else I’ve had to deal with this week, so after this Rehearsal is finally over tonight, I’m gonna go back to my Boot Box, have a couple Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies and some Nighty-Night Nectar™, and go to bed. I think I’ll probably stay there all weekend, so I can bee rested up for Monday (which is always a day that’s exciting to look forward to). So.

BackOnMonday SLEEP

I hope everybody has a magnificently fascinating day!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!

Georgie has cleaned his costume, and Kevin starts making progress...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well, as you can see, my Ghost Costume has been cleaned and looks much better now.


I can see a huge difference, can’t you?

I’m officially ready to go to this year’s Combination Honey Ball & Hallowe’en Celebration. That’s a load off.

So, in case you’ve been wondering, Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew) just might bee starting to snap out of that case of Chronic Hugaphobia he’s been suffering from lately.

When he finished his Session yesterday with his Therapy Bee, Charlie, I heard Charlie tell him, “Okay Kevin. I’ll see you next week. Beetween now and then, what are you going to do?”

“Practise giving my pillows hugs,” he said.

“That’s correct. I think you’re ready for this next step, so I want you to tell how things went. So what else are we going to do this week?” he asked him.

“Write it down in our Diaries,” Kevin replied.

“That’s correct,” Charlie said. “And bee honest - then we’ll review what you wrote next time,” Charlie said to him. “Okay?”

“Fine,” Kevin said. “But I just hafta to say: you may bee the best Therapy Bee there is, and I appreciate the lengths you’re going to in your effort to help me deal with this, but I feel compelled to share with you the fact that I am still feeling a significant level of discomfort with this entire situation. And I still have some concerns about using a pillow. You know that pillows have been responsible for more Smothering Mishaps than we may realise, and can contain surprisingly large populations of Undesirable Insects and Bacterium, so I’m significantly nervous about all this.”

“That’s normal,” Charlie told him. “It will get easier with practise, probably.”

So I guess Kevin has to spend the next week practising hugging his pillows for the next week, whether he likes it or not.

Good for him. And I can’t wait to read his Diary.

Well, the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Future are saying that today is gonna bee a beeautiful day! So I’m gonna find something to do outside.

I hope everybody has a awe-inspiring day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Uh oh...all the Monsanto Employee Retirement Protest Costumes are sold out...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oh geeeeeeeze. It turns out that Beezo’s has sold out of their “Monsanto Employee Retirement” Protest Costumes, so I guess I hafta go as a Monsanto Customer and wear my Ghost Costume.

To tell ya’ the truth, that’s just fine with me. There’s no way I’m gonna spend the whole Hallowe’en Party lying on my back with my legs in the air. That’s completely unacceptable.

Of course, this means that I hafta get that cleaned. When I tried it on the other day, I think you can clearly see that it had Nectartini Stains all over it, (but probably can’t tell that it also kinda smells funny), which also simply won’t do.


So that’s settled.

Okay then. Bert just rolled through here (Kevin just installed a set of Run-Silent-Run-Deep Glider Transport Wheels™ on him, which means that he’s quieter now, but has a tendency to sneak up on ya’ and freak everybody out), and said, “It is Wednesday, October 12, 2016. The local time is 07 hours, 13 minutes, and 87 seconds, Mountain Daylight Savings Time. The current outdoor temperature is a balmy 279.7056 Degrees Kelvin. Expect possible increased winds, some clouds, but relatively mild temperatures. Have a nice day.” (I could tell Kevin’s been working on his Programming.)

So I’m gonna go enjoy that.

I hope everybody has a earthshakingly vibrant day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Apparently, the entire Hive is planning to protest Monsanto this Hallowe'en...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So yesterday, I went around to everybody I know in the Hive and asked them what they plan to wear to this year’s Combination Honey Ball and Hallowe’en Celebration. Beelieve it or not, almost everybody said they’re all gonna wear that “Monsanto Employee Retirement Party” Protest Costume the Sales Bee at Beezo’s tried to get me to buy.

It turns out that the whole Hive is planning to protest Monsanto this year. Okay fine.

As good a thing as that may bee, that means this is gonna bee one of the most dull, boring and uninteresting Hallowe’ens we’ve ever had. Everybody’s just gonna fix themselves up to look like they’re seriously ill (or worse), and just lie around on the floor all night, not moving.

Geeeeeeeeze. Does that sound like a fun party to you? Me neither.

Anyway, I had planned to wear that Ghost Costume I already have (pictured here)…


… but it looks like I might as well join the Protest. So I’m gonna go back to Beezo’s today, and get one of those “Monsanto Employee Retirement Party” Hallowe’en Costumes. I hope they’re not already sold out.

So I need to go do that.

I hope everybody has a massively enlightening day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

Hallowe'en's coming - and Georgie tries to figure out his Costume...

Monday, October 10, 2016

What a weekend that was. I thought it would never end. I’m highly glad it’s finally Monday.

Ya’ know what I just heard? I just heard that this year’s Honey Ball is gonna bee held at the exact same time as our Annual Hallowe’en Party.

Seriously now. How are we supposed to figure out how to make Formal Attire into Hallowe’en Costumes? I dunno who thought this one up, but they need to bee taken aside and spoken to. This plan is ridiculously unreasonable.

I think we all know that it’s always better when those two, separate Events are kept separate, even if it does save honey, and that’s mostly beecause I’m not sure how to turn the Appropriate Formal Wear I’ll bee wearing for the Honey Ball into an Seasonally Festive Hallowe’en Costume.

After I found out about all this, I went out to our local Hallowe’en Costume Specialty Boutique - Beezo’s - and asked the bee who works there if he had any ideas.

“Well,” he said. “The Big Thing this year are Protest Costumes.”

“Protest Costumes?” I asked. I’d never heard of those, and I said so.

“Indeed,” he said.

Then he suggested I try on what he called a “Monsanto Employee’s Retirement Party Costume”. He gave me this green stuff to rub all over, the told me to lie down and stick my legs in the air. So I did that.


“Oh sir, you look so realistic! It fits perfectly!”
Then he told me to just lie there and “get the feel of the Costume”, so I did that, also.

Yeah, well, it may have fit perfectly, but my legs starting tingling in a highly big way, and it itched. A lot. Also, I’m afraid it was just a too little realistic. I’m pretty sure it would scare the Larvae, and nobody wants that. Beesides, I don’t wanna spend the whole time at the Ball and Hallowe’en Party just laying around in a corner, not moving and feeling itchy and tingly. I don’t hafta tell you that it just wouldn’t bee a fun Costume, now would it?

Then the guy showed me the “Bee On Freeway Windshield” Costume, but that one was simply too graphic.

Again, I don’t wanna to scare the Larvae.

I suppose I could wear an Olive Drab Tuxedo, wear a red hat, hold a stick and go as “Bee Swimming in Nectartini”, but that seems a bit too informal, especially for the Ball.

I’d like to keep talking about this, but right now, I gotta take Kevin to his next appointment with Charlie, his Therapy Bee. (I saw that Kevin brought his Sack with him, so this must bee Personal Inventory Review Day). While he’s doing that, I’m gonna spend the time while I wait figuring this whole Costume Issue out. And I need to do that amazingly soon, beecause the Combination Honey Ball & Hive Hallowe’en Celebration is coming up in just 19 days.

Okay then.

I hope everybody has a spectacularly intriguing day!

I’ll see ya’ later!

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