Here is this week's Hurricane of Wisdom from the one and only "Dear Georgie"


And so, Georgie's and ButterCup's trip to Paris has come to an end...

Good morning, everybody! Or should I say, Bon Jour? (That's French, ya' know.)

Well, I'm sorry to hafta say it, but ...ButterCup's and my trip to Paris has come to an end. We're boarding the 9 a.m. French Military Transport flight back to Colorado and will bee home sometime tomorrow.

We're sad to hafta leave. We had a lot of fun, it was great spending some quality time with Fleur de Bee again . . . and I think it will bee quite some time beefore I stop beeing curious about Fleur's friend, Jasmine. She was just fascinating, that's all I can say.

SO... They finally found my Editor after last week's party. He had decided, for some reason, to take a road trip, but didn't bother to tell anybody, but he's back on the job now. I asked him if I need to write a new reply for tomorrow's "Dear Georgie" column, but he said, "Not necessary. We didn't publish the one from last week, so we'll publish that one tomorrow. It's all taken care of."

That was a relief. So, check in tomorrow for this week's "Dear Georgie" column! You'll bee glad you did.

Okay. They're telling us we hafta get on the transport plane. So...we're off.

I hope everybody has an délicieusement fantastique day! (That's French, by the way.) I'll get all rested up over the weekend, and I'll bee back on Monday!

See ya' then!

Georgie and ButterCup continue to explore Paris together. . .

Good evening, everybody! Or, as the French say, "Bonsoir, tout le monde!"

Well, It's been a beeeeautiful day here in Paris (France). Fleur had to go to back to work today, so it's just been ButterCup and me, by ourselves, exploring Paris and enjoying the sights. That was a lot of fun, except that ButterCup made me wear a beret she bought me yesterday when she and Fleur de Bee went shopping together.

I guess I hafta admit that I look amazingly debonaire (that's French for "debonaire", in case you didn't know that). She showed me how to wear that thing properly, but when I do that, it smushes down one of my antennae and makes me feel kinda lop-sided. (Does anybody else feel lop-sided when you're wearing a beret?)

Anyway, after I got used to that thing, I must say that I started feeling like I fit right in around here. To look at me now, nobody would ever know that I'm not actually French. I figure that as long as I don't talk, they'll never bee the wiser.

Around lunch time today, we were passing a by bunch of Humans sitting around at tables outside a small café. As we were passing by, we noticed this one couple who were sitting there speaking English as they enjoyed what apparently was a highly romantic lunch. ButterCup suggested that we buzz around them at their table to say "hi" and see what they were having for lunch. (It looked delicious, whatever it was, especially that red nectar there were sipping on.) Well, let me tell you: almost as soon as we got near them, they started yelling at us and trying to swat us away. The guy almost caught ButterCup right in the face as he was waving his hands around frantically, but luckily, she's very agile and was able to avoid beeing smacked around.

We got out of there as fast as we could.

I just hafta say this: Now that we've been here in Paris for the past six days or so, it's true what they say about the Americans in Paris: they are very rude. Also, they evidently don't appreciate bees.

After that rather unpleasant experience, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in a nearby meadow where there were a lot of Humans strolliing around, sitting on benches just staring at things, and where all the flowers were grouped together by colour and pollen-type. I must say, the French meadows are incredibly well-tended and organised. The flowers there were not only well-organised, but they were very pretty and amazingly delicious. I think I'm really starting to enjoy French food.

So, both ButterCup and I are starting to feel a bit worn out after all this relaxing in Paris, so we're thinking about staying in tonight and watching some TV. (I watched it last night. I guess it was okay, but everybody was speaking French, so I really didn't understand what was going on. Hopefully tonight, we'll bee able to find a channel that at least has subtitles in Bee.)

Well, we're heading off for supper again pretty soon, so I need to get ready. ButterCup says she knows a place to eat that's in a charming, little alleyway right beehind a nearby MacDiddles, so I think we're just gonna pick up something there. I hope it's good. I'm starving.

I hope everybody has a indescribably festive day! I'll see ya' later!

Georgie's and ButterCup's Parisian Advventure continues . . .

We had such an amazing time last night when we dined at La Café de Miel.

By the time we arrived, Jasmine was already at our table which was way back in a dark corner of the place, away from any doors and windows. She was wearing a veil over the bottom half of her face, so we could only really see her eyes, but I could tell right away that she was a highly attractive bee.

When we got to the table, Fleur introduced Jasmine to us. Jasmine kissed us on both cheeks while she gave us each a hug that, quite frankly, felt more like she was searching for weapons or something. I didn't mind at all, though ButterCup seemed a little annoyed by that. (I whispered to her that things are a little bit different here in Paris and that it was probably just a French thing or something.)
"Whatever," she whispered back.

After all that hugging and kissing was over, ButterCup commented about how much she loved the clothes Jasmine wore, especially the red stilettos that just showed from under the haik she was wearing.
"Oh, these old things? Thank you. And that is a lovely gown you're wearing. It is most delightful to at last meet you. You are every bit as beeautiful as your photographs."
"My photographs? You've seen pictures of me?" ButterCup asked.
"Of course, I'm sure Fleur must have shared pictures of you taken during one of her many visits to your country."
"I don't remember any photographs Fleur may have had to show you," ButterCup said a bit suspiciously, "but thank you for the complement. I do try to look my best."
"As do we all," Jasmine said.

I'm just gonna say this right now: Jasmine is not only incredibly alluring, but she also has to bee the most mysterious - and, as the French say, the most "trés exotique" - bee I've ever met. I think ButterCup was a little jealous.

As we were sitting there, enjoying our appetiser of some of the lightest, fluffiest and most delicious Pollen Puffs I'd ever tasted, I did my best to strike up a conversation with Jasmine and get better acquainted.
"Fleur mentioned to us that you guys work together," I said, just to get the conversation started.
"Oh? Did she now?" Jasmine said, as she gave Fleur what I'd hafta call a slightly curious, but stern, look. Fleur just looked at her and shrugged.
"Yes, she did. I'll bet that you encounter all kinds of interesting and dangerous situations in your work, don't you?"

Jasmine seemed to ignore my question and instead turned toward ButterCup.
"I want to know more about you and your most charmingly curious companion from Missouri here. Had you and Georgie known each other long beefore you moved from the place you shared in Minnesota and beefore you moved to the mountains in the spring of 1994?"

ButterCup just kind of looked at her with a puzzled look on her face and said, "You already seem to know quite a lot about us already."
"Oh, yes, well, I hear things," she said dismissively. "But please do tell me more about how you met one another on that September evening so long ago. I would love to finish filling in the details."
"Did you look us up on the interweb or something?" ButterCup asked Jasmine. "I mean, how did you know . . . ".
"Oh, I'm sure Fleur must have mentioned a few things about you beefore you arrived. I do so love knowing everything I can about her close friends."

Finally, after a bunch of idle conversation, the waiter brought the main course. I'd never tried Baked Onion Flower Nectar Soup, but it was delicious. That was followed by an amazingly filling serving of crystallised French Lilac Blossoms drenched in Lotus Honey sauce. We were just finishing and about to order desert when Jasmine's cell phone rang.

"I do apologise," she said. "I must take this call, but please, do ask the waiter about the desert specials. I've heard the Cola Mousse here is the best in Paris." Then she disappeared around the corner.

We ordered desert and Jasmine was right. That Cola Mousse was fantastic. But by the time we'd finished, we could help but notice that Jasmine never returned to the table (so I ate the Mousse we ordered for her - I couldn't help myself). ButterCup kept wondering where Jasmine might have disappeared to, but Fleur just said, "Oh, you know, that Jasmine is always working." Then she changed the subject really fast and asked if ButterCup and I might bee interested in taking a tour of the local Plaster Factory. I said, "Sure! I've heard of that! It's amazing what they can do with that stuff."

So that's what we did today.

I dunno if we're gonna see Jasmine again beefore we leave Paris, but I hope so. ButterCup said she just wanted to find herself a pair of those stilettos she was wearing, so tomorrow, she and Fleur are gonna go shopping. (I think I'm gonna hang around here today and see what kind of stuff they have on French TV. My wings are kinda tired from all the flying around we've been doing and I really don't wanna go shopping.)

Anyway. So far, we're having a wonderful time. Paris is an amazing place and I'll bee sad to leave. Probably.

Right now, though, I've just been told that it's time to enjoy a late supper again, so we're gonna go do that. (I'm starving.)

I hope everybody has an astoundingly satisfying day! I'll see ya' later!

Georgie's Surprise Parisian Adventure beegins . . .

It's Monday, right? I hope so. I'm very confused about what day or time it is at the moment.

Do you remember last Friday when I mentioned that I couldn't understand why, after I finally woke up and everybody around me was suddenly speaking French? Well, as it turns out, sometime between the time my Happy Annivbirthary Party ended and the time I woke up on Friday morning, I was spirited away to Paris. The one in France, not Texas or someplace else... I'm talking about Paris, France here, The Paris France that has that amazingly tall metal TV antenna in the middle of everything. You've probably heard of it.

So, the last thing I remember beefore then was beeing at the party and listening to Beetsa Beetsa performing the Samba rendition of that old song, "Wasn't That a Party?" as we all had one, last special toast to my 38th Birthday and 6th Anniversary. I kind of remember Fleur giving me something she called a "Vin d'Anesthésique" which was served in a special goblet made just for me. (She even remembered to include a bendy straw and umbrella, which was very thoughtful of her.) I remember that we clinked glasses, and I took a nice, big sip (it was delicious, in a funny sort of way). The next thing I knew, I was here. In Paris.

Geeeeeeeze. I don't even remember the trip. I usually remember everything, so when I asked ButterCup and Fleur what happened, Fleur just kind of giggled in that highly adorable French Giggle she has (you know the one) and told me that she and ButterCup had cooked up an elaborate plan to surprise me with a special trip. Well, they did. Surprise, surprise.

So here I am, in Paris, where everybody's speaking French. (Even after beeing here for three days now, I still don't understand what anybody's saying, but whatever. Fleur is an excellent translator.) That's not really a problem unless I'm trying to find a bathroom or something.


I called home around 8:00 last night to make sure nobody was worried about me. Kevin answered the phone and said, "Yes, Uncle Georgie. We know all about it. But let me just say this: please don't bee calling and waking us up at 2 in the morning like this. You're the best uncle in the world, and I love you, but waking everybody up in the middle of the night like this is just rude." Then he told me was going back to bed and hung up.

I still don't understand what that's all about, but Fleur said she'd explain it to me over supper this evening, which I have to get ready for here in just a minute. Fleur said she's made reservations for four at La Café de Miel for 8:00. I hafta wear a tuxedo, she says, so I can make a good impression on a good friend of hers from work who's gonna join us. I think her name is Jasmine or something like that.

Well, I just wanted to let you know where I am and what's been going on. But right now, I need to get into that tux and get ready to go to supper. (I hope they serve Pollen Burgers.)

I hope everybody has a tremendously vivacious day! I'll see ya' later!

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