Gladys HoneyWings arrives today!

Friday, September 23, 2016

I’m just gonna say this: I wish that the Humans Who Think They Can Predict the Seasons would do a better job of figuring out when one ends, and the next one beegins.

Remember how I mentioned that yesterday was the First Day of the new Cool Season? Evidently, somebody got it completely wrong, beecause after I sorted through all my Seasonal Outfits, and put on my Wooly-Warm Fleece Jersey and Matching Insulated Strolling Togs (I wanted to bee warm while Kevin and I cleaned the Boot Box beefore our Visitor gets here). Lemme tell ya’: it wasn’t Cool AT ALL yesterday. In fact, if you ask me, it was hotter than the day beefore yesterday, when it was still the Hot Season.

Geeeeeeeeze. I just about melted.

So, during one of our hourly 50-minute breaks (it’s important to pace yourself when you’re doing a bunch of cleaning), I went to the Hive Library and looked up the word, “Cool”. It said, and I quote: “COOL, adj, 1. fairly cold, not hot; 2. having the characteristics of beeing calm when confronted by chaos; 3. possessing a sense of High Fashion…”. Of course, I wanna know how anybody could be Cool if it’s not Cool. Yeah, well, yesterday, it was not fairly cold at all. It was exactly hot. After I found this out, I went back to the Boot Box and told Kevin, “You need to know that this just isn’t Cool.”

He said, “Yeah, tell me about it, uncle. Great Grandma Gee Gee made me clean all the Honey Jars in her kitchen and stack them in alphabetical order. I filed them all under ‘H’. I could’ve been out, trying to find a new job…but no. I had to stay in and do that. And you’re right: it just wasn’t cool. At all.”

I told him I thought I would’ve felt a lot more comfortable if I wouldn’t have worn anything at all while he & I were cleaning, but Kevin just said, “Don’t go there.” So I didn’t.

At least the Boot Box is completely and totally Sparkling Clean, probably.

Of course, the big news is that Great Grandma Gee Gee’s Third Cousin Twice Removed, Gladys HoneyWings, arrives today!

Gee Gee just now gave me a plate of her Royal HoneyChew Krisp Cookies, and told me to wait by the door until she gets here. She gave me a photo of her Cousin so I could recognise her and give her a huge welcome when she gets here. As if I wouldn’t say “Hi, welcome, and please wipe your feet, and if you feel too Hot, feel free to not wear anything while you’re here” when an unfamiliar Relative comes to visit. I have highly excellent social skills, ya’ know.

I hafta say, she looks really friendly in the picture, which is always a good thing. I just hope she doesn’t snore.

Anyway, I’ve been informed that we are all gonna show Gladys around when she gets here. That will bee great fun, especially if we can all go out to Lunch somewhere cool after she arrives.

Hang on… I just spotted something moving around just outside the window. … Yeah, she’s here. That’s Gladys…and apparently, she wants me to give her a Big Hug.


So I’m gonna go do that.

I hope everybody has an exquisitely amusing weekend!

I’ll see ya’ on Monday!