Kevin meets Charlie, his Therapy Bee...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Can you even beelieve it? It’s the first Monday in October - and we get FOUR MORE this month!!! I couldn’t bee more excited, could you? I didn’t think so.

Somebody just reminded me that I gotta tell everybody about that Therapy Bee I found for Kevin (my Illegitimate Nephew). His issues with Public Displays of Affection made him hide in the empty Bendy Straw box for a few days… now, he’s given up the box and is hiding in the closet instead. (“It’s got more room,” he said.) He only comes out when it’s time to eat or…well, you know.

After conducting approximately 87 interviews with different Therapy Bees, I think I found one that’s gonna bee able to help Kevin snap out of this - and soon.

His name is Charlie, and I just happened to run into him while ButterCup and I were out wandering around in the Far Meadow this weekend. As chance would have it, he was just out, standing in the field, and we started buzzing back and forth about this and that. Somehow, the topic of Kevin came up, and he said, “I can help. I’m Therapy Bee,
and I’ve run into this beefore, probably.” He said it with such a tone of Authority, ya’ know, like he really knew what he was talking about.

That was enough for me.

So I arranged for Kevin to meet his Therapy Bee on Saturday.

I’m not sure if it went all that well.

I took Kevin to his Office, and we waited about two hours, until Charlie had finished with the Patient beefore us. (I didn’t mind waiting that long, actually - it meant that he really takes the time with his Patients.)


When it was Kevin’s turn, we walked into his Office, and Kevin said, “So, what’s this all about? Why am I here?”

“You’re here to get help with your Larvahood Issues, so you can stop hiding in the closet from Gladys,” I told him. “This is your new Therapy Bee, Charlie. You two are gonna bee spending some Quality Time together.”

“That’s right, Kevin - may I call you Kevin?” Charlie asked.

“I’ll have to think about that for a moment,” Kevin said, “but until I guess it’s okay to call me Kevin, for now.”

“Sarcasm. I can already see where we need to beegin,” Charlie said, “so Kevin, if your Uncle…”, Charlie began saying, until Kevin interrupted him.

“My Illegitimate Uncle,” Kevin said.

“Anyway,” Charlie was beeginning to look annoyed. “If your ILLEGITIMATE Uncle would excuse us, I think there’s no time like the present for us to start getting better acquainted.” Then Charlie just stopped talking and kinda stared at me as he pointed his wing toward his Office door.

I took that as a hint and left. I went back to the Waiting Room and started reading that 2-year-old copy of Bee Monthly Magazine, and an fairly interesting article about How To Create Adhesives with Honey Extract, while I waited. And waited. And waited.

When Kevin finally emerged… Hold on…sorry, somebody’s at the door. I gotta go see who it is.

I’ll finish this tomorrow.

I hope everybody has a uniquely sensational day!

I’ll see ya’ later!